Affiliate marketing is becoming increasingly popular as more people are looking for ways to make more money, especially in the wake of the recent Global Financial Crisis. Making money through affiliate marketing is not necessarily easy as it takes great determination and hard work to succeed however it can be done. If you’re still unsure whether or not to take up affiliate marketing then check out the top 10 affiliate marketing tips for newbies below.

1 – Create A Niche Your Passionate About

The first step to creating a successful affiliate marketing campaign is to choose a niche you’re passionate about or have extensive knowledge in. The reason for this is that you’ll be able to stick with a niche you’re passionate about and see it through than a niche you haven’t the slightest interest in. Enjoy the niche you’re targeting if you want to convert people into buyers.

2 – Create A Step-By-Step Affiliate Marketing Plan

There’s a saying that goes “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” and nothing can be further from the truth, especially in affiliate marketing. One of the most common reasons people fail to make money online is that they do not have a step-by-step plan in place guiding them to do what they need to do to succeed. Your plan should highlight what niche you’ll want to market, what product you’ll promote, what forms of advertising you’ll need to promote your website, deadlines to reinforce the urgency to get your tasks done and a whole host of other tasks.

3 – Research Your Niche Thoroughly

Researching your niche is critical to attracting targeted high quality traffic to your website. If you’re going to become an expert in your niche you not only need practical knowledge about your niche but also theoretical knowledge. You need to back up your claims with scientific proof it you want your visitors to believe you, otherwise they’ll see straight through you as someone who wants to make a quick buck online. Research your niche thoroughly!

4 – Focus On Low Competition, High Search Volume Keywords Only

If you want your website or articles to be placed on the front page of Google you’ll need to focus on relevant keywords that are low in competition but high in search term volume. To research your keywords you’ll need to use a keyword tool.

The keyword tool that I highly recommend is the Wealthy Affiliate University keyword tool. This comprehensive keyword tool not only searches for low competition, high search term volume keywords but also measures the effectiveness of a keyword when used for Pay-Per-Click Marketing or Article Marketing campaign, a simple yet powerful tool if you want to maximize your click-through-rates in PPC or Article Marketing campaigns. The Wealthy Affiliate University keyword tool also searches for the exact number of websites under a particular keyword.

5 – Choose A Product That Fits Your Niche

When choosing a product to promote you’ll need to focus on one that fits your niche to maximize sales. Relevancy is paramount to a successful affiliate marketing campaign and the right product to your niche can make all the difference between making $1000’s a month or none at all, so choose your products wisely.

6 – Focus On Article Marketing to Begin With

I recommend people start with article marketing in that it’s not only free to do, it also builds up your expertise and credibility in your niche, this will build trust with people who visit your website and in turn will convert them into life-long customers. Many people ask how many articles does it take to make a sale? In my experience it’s around 50 good quality articles. However this number varies greatly as people have differing levels of experience writing articles.

7 – Use Social Media Marketing

The rise in popularity of Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google +1 have paved the way for innovative and creative ways to bring high quality targeted traffic to our websites. I use social network marketing for promoting my articles to drive traffic to my websites. Benefits of using Facebook, Twitter or Google +1 to promote your website or article include increased exposure, more traffic and greater click-through-rates.

8 – Know Your Product And Your Audience Inside And Out

Understanding how your product can benefit your audience is crucial to making recurring sales. In the online world we live in, the audience is not interested in who you are, your credentials or what your product is. All your audience cares about is how your product can help them. Human nature is inherently selfish so keep in mind the benefits of the product your promoting and the behaviour of your targeted audience.

9 – Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

With the various methods of advertising your website, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing would have to be the quickest way to bring traffic to your website but also the riskiest financially. PPC Marketing would be recommended for those who have considerable knowledge in SEO and have skills in writing good ad copy. Basically with PPC Marketing you are bidding on keywords. Sometimes these keywords are expensive to bid on however there are ways to lower your bids such as making your website more relevant to your keywords and building more backlinks to your website.