Are you a rock star spiritual practitioner who gets stellar results for you clients… but you’re still struggling with a feast or famine business model?

If so, I’m willing to bet that more than once you’ve asked yourself, “Can I really make a living doing what I love?”

Well the answer is YES. I know hundreds of metaphysical business owners just like you who are making an abundant living using their spiritual gifts.

So what makes them different than you? It’s all in the marketing baby…

If you’re not getting the results you want in your spiritual business chances are, you’re falling into marketing traps below…

TRAP 1 – Word of Mouth Marketing

You don’t advertise your business or look for clients. Instead you hope that past or present clients will spread the word about your services and more people will find you.

Hidden Marketing Message – This marketing strategy tells potential clients, “This is a hobby, not a business.”

Why It’s Not Working – By leaving your business in the hands of others you’re not actively engaging in the growth and expansion of your gifts. This can lead to feelings of stagnation and hopelessness. This type of business model can’t be sustained for long periods and eventually forces you to abandon your business in search of a more steady income.

TRAP 2 – If You Build It They Will Come Marketing

You spent time and money creating a professional looking web site, you have glossy business cards and maybe even some beautiful brochures or other well crafted marketing materials. But even with all the bells and whistles you don’t have enough clients to actually sustain your business.

Hidden Marketing Message – People who see your marketing materials are impressed and think, “She must really be doing well.” But your bank account tells another story.

Why It’s Not Working – Potential clients like what they see, but not enough people are seeing it to make a difference. Having these tools in place is a big plus, but now you’ve got to get them in the hands of your potential clients. That requires you to go a step further by actively marketing your business.

TRAP 3 – Hit or Miss Marketing

You place ads here and there when you have the funds. You show up at or host your own events and try to spread the word about your services, but you rarely get the results you hope for. Although you do put yourself out there, your marketing efforts are sporadic and aren’t leading potential clients to invest with you.

Hidden Marketing Message – What potential clients are saying about you, “Oh yeah, I’ve heard of her… what does she do again?”

Why It’s Not Working – Just getting your name out there is NOT enough. Every marketing move you make should lead potential clients further into your magical world of transformation. Every ad, every event should lead to a next step that easy for people to say yes to. And for this, you need a marketing strategy!


If you’re falling into one of these marketing traps, I want you to know… it’s not your fault.

Marketing your spiritual business requires a blend of strategic intuition and good solid business skills. This unique combination of the esoteric and practical simply isn’t found in traditional marketing programs, and it’s not taught by most of the big marketing gurus out there.

But I’ve put together a groundbreaking, step-by-step marketing system that is designed specifically for women just like you… the feminine spiritual business owner: The Goddess Keys Platinum Program: How To Market Your Divine Business With Grace, Ease & Integrity.

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