Twitter is one of the most trafficked websites, and though it’s a micro-blogging platform it has gained immense popularity. Major businesses have some presence on Twitter, and MLM home business owners can be found there in large numbers.

How Network Marketers Can Take Advantage Of Twitter

Twitter is a micro-blogging site, where you communicate with other people using 140 characters or less, generally. At first glance, this seems and feels very awkward and clumsy. However, don’t be fooled by this. Twitter can be a very powerful marketing tool for your network marketing business. The key though, is to understand and appreciate that Twitter is a social media site, and like all social media sites, a strategy is necessary to enable you to get your message out and connect with the influential people in your industry.

Twitter marketing for MLM business owners is identical to marketing your home business on Facebook; follow similar rules and be social and sociable.

Twitter, if used correctly by Network Marketing business owners, can be and should be used to do two things:

Network and connect with potential business partners and customers.
Broadcast your message, and let the Twitter world know about you and your brand, value, products and services.
When most home business owners use Twitter marketing for MLM, they tend to just broadcast pitch after pitch after pitch, and do not connect with anyone. After all this, they are surprised when their results are not too pleasing, and they have not generated any Twitter MLM leads, or made any connections.

To get the most out of Twitter for your home business, it’s important to connect with people from your target audience, and find out about what they are looking for, and share information with them that interests THEM (not you). Think of Twitter marketing for MLM success as being at a business cocktail reception. Would you go to the front of the room and start preaching about how great your Network Marketing business opportunity is, or how wonderful your products are? Twitter is a social media site, and should be treated as such in everything you do. Get to connect with people and share value and ideas and find out about them.

Marketing your MLM Business on Twitter is just composed of a few basic steps:

Search out and connect with leaders (influential people) and potential customers in your niche How do you find those leaders? You can use free Twitter tools such as and These free twitter tools allow you to get twitter followers. There are other twitter marketing tools and software you can use to automatically add friends and followers, and automate your Twitter marketing strategy.

Connect and communicate with others, sharing and promoting content that they will definitely be interested in, and networking with them as well. This content should be valuable content, and self-promotion is not encouraged (not yet at least).

Join conversations that are already ongoing, and add value as much as possible. You want to become a part of communities and join in the action, and get noticed. Again, you do not want to be indulging in self-promotion….just adding value.

Repeat on a daily basis, following as many as 20 leaders per day (or more if possible).
This is the basic framework you will need to be following when using twitter marketing for MLM success.

Many people get disheartened because there is a lot of spam on Twitter, and they seem not to be able to make any real connections with people. A lot of people on Twitter seem to be trying to market one thing or the other. Don’t be disheartened…instead, look to be social and answer questions relevant to your industry. Develop relationships and find out what people are saying about you, your business and products/services on Twitter. There are various tools you could use to do this. In a future article, I will cover the tools that can help you in marketing your MLM business on Twitter.

What You Ought To Tweet About And How It Helps Your Network Marketing Business

So I’ve mentioned that you need to share valuable content, but you’re not sure what you should be tweeting about?

You should tweet about things that are relevant to your audience. If you’ve conducted any market research (you should have), then you will know what you target audience is looking for. You will know what kind of information they would like to read about and what problems they want solving. This is all about solving other people’s problems; that’s why you’re a network marketing business owner.

Look to engage with your Twitter MLM leads and prospects and communicate with them regularly.

One aspect I love about Twitter marketing for MLM businesses, is the fact that you can communicate with an industry leader you perhaps could never get on the telephone with. His or her followers can also get to see the communication you are sharing, and this gives you added exposure.

Apart from giving you exposure on Twitter itself, due to the value you will be giving to the community, in the form of content that you are sharing, Twitter can also potentially give your blog (if you have one), a lot of free traffic.