There are four different types of IRS tax audits. The commission chooses tax returns on the basis of a number of rather complicated references


 What is tax audit?
            Tax audit is also referred to as a taxpayer exam, is the examination procedure of an organisation or a tax return of an individual to ensure that all data reported is accurate.


 How many types of tax audits are there?


Four kinds of tax audits, they are
1. IRS correspondence audit.
2. IRS Office Audit
IRS Field Audit
4. TCMP Audit



1. IRS Correspondence Audit
        The Internal Revenue Service correspondence audits which is also known as the Campus Examination, represent nearly 75 percent of the tax investigations conducted by the commission.

2. IRS Office Audit
      IRS Office audits are face-to-face sessions held in the Internal Revenue Service office. This is a serious audit form and quick responses are crucial for a swift resolution.

3. IRS Field Audit
        It is believed that the Internal Revenue Service field audits often referred to as field examinations are a different complex process that has the potential to scare many taxpayers.

4. TCMP Audit
         The Internal Revenue Service examination branch occasionally is conducting Taxpayer Compliance Measurement Program or TCMP audits.

Are you in need of assistance with tax audit issues?
         When they receive an audit notice issued by the Internal Revenue Service, many taxpayers are in panic mode. Although the IRS can invite anyone to take part during an audit each taxpayer is entitled to appeal.

Last words about the various types of IRS tax audits
         Even though dealing with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax audit could be a nightmare for certain taxpayers, there is always an alternative to appeal.


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