Viral marketing today is creating a huge buzz in the marketing industry. This is not a new marketing technique; in fact it has been used for many years to promote products and services. But because of the advancement of technology and the popularity of social networking today, viral marketing has become a world-wide phenomenon.

The affordability and accessibility of the internet to everyone has contributed significantly to the success viral marketing. Internet is considered a vital tool in viral marketing and more and more business are carefully considering this as a marketing strategy to promote their products and services and creating brand awareness to target audiences.

So what exactly is Viral Marketing?

Viral Marketing is a form of marketing technique that provides branding awareness by word of mouth. It is a marketing strategy that uses people, especially those in network to pass along a marketing message. The term viral implies a process of spreading the message and reaching the web-wide audience within a short amount of time.

The success of this marketing strategy largely depends on the high pass rate. If a large number of recipient forwards something to a large number of friends, the over all growth snowballs quickly. But it is not as simple as passing along a box of chocolates around that everyone eagerly waits to get their hands on. The message or campaign must be very unique that people will feel eager and overwhelmed to share to their friends, colleagues and family.

As this strategy has become more “network enhanced”, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and the likes are used as the ultimate means to go ‘viral’ on a campaign today. With hundreds of millions of registered users and growing, social media is the best option to start your viral marketing.

Many successful viral campaigns today are very funny, wacky and outrageous, very different from the traditional marketing campaign. For this reason, using viral marketing can be a double-edge sword. It can attract new customers but it can also turn off existing ones because of the change. It can bring in huge business but it could result to huge losses as well depending on how it is perceived out there. Many experts consider viral marketing as a high-risk move because this form of marketing technique can easily make or break any business.

Viral marketing allows you to enter other market sections you may not reach using traditional marketing techniques. This is so, because communication nowadays is easy and affordable on the internet. Anyone can be reached and anybody can share your message. Thus, having a plan and carefully studying your viral strategy can bring in huge business to you.

The success of viral marketing today largely depends on how you carefully play your social connections as a medium to push your message. Using these social media networks coupled with other marketing tools to attract your audience such as giveaways, promos and videos will add up to the chances of achieving marketing success.

Leah Gundran Raymundo raised in one of the most urbanized cities in the Philippines.
She has extensive experience in the health care and business industries, both of which have contributed to her ability to handle stressful situations. She enjoys working in a busy environment and is always eager to assist whenever she can. In addition to directly working with Hour 25 New York, Inc CEO Kenley Cole, she also manages all of the virtual assistants.