Achieving success in Internet marketing is not accomplished by chance.

You will find that most successful Internet marketers do many of the same things to achieve the level of success they have attained. Here are four of the top Internet marketing strategies you should use to build your own online success like they already have! You too should be using these strategies if you ever expect to achieve your own online business goals.

So here they are:

1. Build a list! Successful Internet marketers will tell you the money is in the list. But be sure to get to know your subscribers as more than just a name and email address. Building trust within your list is just as important as building the list itself.

A large list of subscribers is no good if you don’t cultivate it. But worse yet is not building an email marketing list at all.

You will find that a responsive email marketing list will allow you to virtually create cash on demand. This is therefore ranked as the top strategies for having internet marketing success.

2. Use multiple methods of advertising. You should combine both free and paid advertising methods in your Internet marketing strategies. Successful marketers learn not to make the mistake of relying completely on one or the other.

As an example, concentrating solely on free advertising methods will slow the progression of your business. While you can create great long-term back links from free advertising, and using methods like article marketing, free advertising takes time to develop, and you will generally not get enough immediate traffic to see success early on. This causes many people to give up and never work their online business long enough to be successful.

However, relying 100% on paid advertising is not the best strategy either. For sure it is great to get immediate traffic and begin to see results from your paid advertising methods, but if 100% of your advertising is paid you can never stop doing it. The minute you stop your paid ads the traffic stops. That is why you should always combine both paid advertising to jump-start your business, but work on the free advertising methods for your long-term business marketing strategy.

3. Use a blogging marketing strategy in your business. If your business is starting from scratch, consider setting up a blog and using it as your primary website.

If you already have a website setup and are not blogging, you should link your blog to your website homepage and begin adding articles to it. Search engines are very fond of blogs and they will usually rank your articles high.

If you do blog, be consistent. You don’t need to over do it, but you should try to add a couple of new articles every week. This is usually adequate to increase traffic and search engine bait.

4. Social marketing is a must. There are so many people using Facebook and Twitter that not learning how to utilize these venues as an Internet marketing strategy is inexcusable.

Facebook offers a great platform for marketing to segmented groups based on their own disclosure of personal interests. If you are not using Facebook in your Internet marketing strategy, you are missing out on one of the largest evolving marketing venues currently available.

Other form so social marketing include discussion forums, social bookmarking a blog article, email marketing, and so on.

Also, as you probably know, video is king when it comes to Internet marketing. Since Google owns YouTube you how important they feel video is. So wherever possible, use video in your marketing strategy.