Here’s what I’m going to lay out for you to give you the most value I can out of this; I’m going to:

1. Show you the generic structure of my online network marketing plan/model.

2. Explain why online marketing is a must and how to get started.

3. Discuss what I am focusing on in an effort to be transparent.

4. Give you a list of INVALUABLE RESOURCES.

5. Share with you my business “model” so to speak in terms of what I offer to my readers, subscribers, customers, and partners.

First you have to understand that having a plan and a set of goals is crucial to achieving success. And I won’t drone on and on about it since I’m sure you’ve heard it 1000 times from 1000 different network marketing gurus, but I have to mention that taking ACTION is the most important thing you can do, even if your plans and goals are weak or nonexistent. Obviously you won’t see results of any kind if you sit on your duff and read all day without implementing anything (this is where I was). My single piece of advice to you if you’re stuck in this mode is to teach as you learn, it’ll be the best way to see something as a result of your effort and move you off the fence. And trust me eventually those fence posts will start hurting if you stay there, metaphorically speaking of course.

OK, now that we’ve beaten that dead horse let’s move on. Here is a simplified block diagram of what my business model looks like, although I’m sure it will change from time to time. Notice the key word at the center of the block diagram. I am going to stress that you absolutely MUST start a blog. Do whatever you can to learn the ins and outs of running a network marketing blog, since it’s exactly what the network marketing gurus are doing today; and remember you should be doing what the gurus do, not what they say. It is essentially the marketing hub of all your online efforts. Picture it like this, you have gas, tires, a radio, a steering wheel, and even the frame of the Porsche you want to drive, but no engine. Where does that leave you? If you said stranded and unhappy you’d be correct. And don’t worry about whether or not your writing skills are proficient, you’ll get better. Plus there are tools out there for you to use that will translate spoken word right to text, and even allow you to post those thoughts right to your blog! One of them is Dictation, which I’ve included in the list of resources at the end of this article.

One of the questions I pondered for a while when starting this blog was whether to focus on the cold market, or warm market. The reason I decided the warm market was where you want to be was primarily because as you build a legion of partners your focus should be on retaining them. If your blog is centered on doing nothing but warming people up to the concept of network marketing, what does that do for them after they join?


It’s much easier to have a link with an article or two about home based business for newcomers and instead focus on the people either already involved in the industry, or people joining your primary network marketing vehicle. Plus just think of it this way, who is your target market? If you were a car dealership and hiring car salesmen, would you want to hire someone fresh off the street, or someone with at least a small level of knowledge and skill? I truly hope you’re looking for some skilled people.

Now I’m not advocating soliciting people and trying to rip them away from their current network marketing business vehicle, but odds are pretty good most of them are struggling and could possibly use your help in the training arena. And there are ways to monetize that as well. Take for example the online training program I utilize now: My Lead System Pro. It carries unparalleled training in the way of online marketing, and allows you to offer others the chance to learn what you have by signing up. It’s a training platform that pays affiliate commissions in essence! I can’t name a single offline training platform that pays its members a percentage of their profits. In fact, many of them make so much money from their members that the management teams earn as much as 90% of their income this way. I don’t know about how this makes you feel, but to me it feels flat out wrong; especially when their only message on how to succeed in network marketing is to talk to everyone with a pulse that’s standing within 3 feet of you. I can promise that’s not your target market.

Besides looking into an online program to help you get rolling, I would begin by studying 3-5 blogs written by people you admire; they don’t even have to be network marketing related. Afterwards, head over to Elance and signup for an account if you don’t already have one. From there you can post a job to have a network marketing blog built. I don’t have time to go into the details of what I did to ensure this came out smoothly, but if you’d like to know just shoot me a message and I can help you out when I have some free time available.

The main reason a blog is going to be so powerful for you is because it automatically puts you above 95% of the industry. You’ve accomplished something that 95% of people in network marketing have not. Instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off, telling everyone how great network marketing is compared to their boring job, now you have a small piece of power, something different that most network marketing reps do not possess. On top of that, as your marketing efforts transform themselves into their visual equivalents you will begin to feel this sense of power. This power will transmit itself through your voice, gestures, and mannerisms as you meet people in the offline world. This was the one HUGE difference I noticed once I came to understand and possess online marketing skills.