In order to succeed in Internet Marketing it is essential that you build a funnel system. So what is a funnel system and where do you get one? Simply stated, a funnel system is a process that draws traffic to you, captures contact information from that traffic creating leads. The leads are then put into a contact structure, an auto responder, giving you the opportunity to turn those leads into customers, or to recruit them into your business. Sounds simple when you put it like this, but it’s a little more complicate than that.

If you are new to this type of business, or just thinking about getting into it, there are many things to consider including what business or opportunity you are going to promote, what methods or tools that you will use, who will you reach out to, how much money do you have, or are willing to spend to get your business started, and how long are you willing to hang on waiting for your business to show some profit. If not approached in an organized manner, you can “wander in the Internet forrest’ for months, never obtaining any level of success. Many struggle with Internet Marketing for a while and then decide that it’s all a scam, that it just doesn’t work and they drop out, becoming another casualty of the Internet Marketing battle.

In order to not become one of these casualties, you need a plan of action. Network Marketing comes in many shapes and sizes. Most have their pluses and minuses including cost to get started, cost to maintain, value and cost of the product, and the support and training system of the product.

One type of Network Marketing involves marketing a product that you either create or purchase for resale. On the plus side, this method can provide a higher percentage of profit, especially if you create your own product. But the downside is the time and cost to develop, and market your product as well as the time and cost to learn Internet Marketing without a support system. When marketing your own product you will have to create your own funnel system as well as all of your promotional materials.

Another method used by many is affiliate marketing, promoting or advertising products or services for others and earning a commission on any products that they sell from your promotion. The plus side of affiliate marketing is that you don’t have the cost of creating or buying a product to market or to develop the marketing materials such as banner ads or text ads. You will have to purchase and maintain a website and then promote it, most effectively by using paid ads. The downside to affiliate marketing is the small commission and the fact that you only receive that commission if someone visits your site, uses your link to connect to the company you are promoting and then purchases the product or service being offered. With this form of marketing, a funnel system may not be required, but would be helpful. If you choose to use a funnel system, you would have to create it yourself.

Join a Network Marketing Company

The most prevalent type of Network Marketing is the MLM or direct marketing model, where you join a recognized Network Marketing business that offers a product, an organized structure, a compensation plan and training in how to build your business. The positive things about these companies are the organizational structure and the training. Many of these companies also have a built in funnel system, to help you attract leads and assist you in turning those leads into customers.

Now there is a system available that not only provides a funnel system for whatever Network Marketing business you are pursuing, but can itself earn commissions when you tell others about it and they join you. Empower Network is a generic marketing and educational program that also pays 100% commissions on each level of membership and training product that it offers. It is based on a viral blogging system that provides both your product and your method of promoting that product.

Blogging is recognized as a leading method of reaching prospects and informing them about Network Marketing, your particular business opportunity, or whatever topic you are interested in. The purpose of the blog is to draw traffic to you. The capture page on your blog will draw them to hear the presentation and to join you in your businesses. The remainder of the “products” consist of training by industry leaders to help you build your Empower Network business as well as other businesses that you might be pursuing.

This blogging platform, started just 6 months ago, already numbers over 24,000 members who have received over 6 million in commissions. Over 40 of the affiliates are already earning over $5000 per month. These numbers are growing daily as more and more people come on board and begin using the proven techniques that are putting cash into the bank accounts of its associates. Empower Network IS a perpetual funnel system, so put it to work for you.