Attraction Marketing is a marketing concept that works by providing valuable content to potential customers. This content brands the marketer or seller as the expert. The potential customer becomes more willing to buy as they are drawn in by the marketers or sellers expertise on the product or service that they are searching for.

Attraction Marketing has become increasingly popular among entrepreneurs, small business owners as well as network and affiliate marketers. The biggest reason for it’s popularity is because it eliminates a fair amount of pain from the selling process. No more buying name list. No more chasing after leads or pressuring family and friends to buy your products or use your services. If the Attraction Marketing strategy is done properly potential customers will seek out your products and services because they will believe that you have the solution to the problem they are experiencing.

One of the basic concepts that surrounds Attraction Marketing is personal branding. Brand and promote yourself first, not your product or service. By personally branding you; you are establishing yourself as a leader and expert in the industry your product or service falls under.

Another basic concept that surrounds Attraction Marketing is relationship building. Getting people to like you, know you and trust you. It has been well established that people do business with other people not companies, but with people that they like know and trust! If a potential customer has the opportunity to like you, know you, and trust you they are more likely to do business with you.

In order to use Attraction marketing properly there are a few tools that will be needed.

1. You are the first tool, you all your knowledge. The more you learn the more you can prefect your craft and the more value you will have to offer others. Commit yourself to personal growth and learning. Having a complete understanding how all the different tools and systems can be use puts you in the driver seat to becoming a leader.

2. Lead Capture Pages. Using lead capture pages are a powerful way to capture potential customers contact information. Lead Capture pages are basic 1 pages websites that are designed to offer your potential customers something valuable pertaining to your niche. The offer should be compelling enough for the customer to be willing to trade their contact information in exchange for your offer.

3. Auto Responder Service. The auto responder is an email service that will allow you to craft compelling, targeted messages that will be delivered to your customers automatically. The auto responder helps to build your relationship with your customer. With this tool you can send valuable content that will brand you as a leader. It can sale your products, educate and engage your customers.

4. Personal Website / Blog. Your personal website is all about you. It’s your personal web real estate that’s all about you. On your personal website or blog your customers can get to know you on a more intimate level. This is the place where you can talk about your success and your failures. This is the place where your customers get to identify with you. This is where the connection is made. Remember people do business with other people that they like know and trust.

5. Funded Proposal. One of the biggest problems new entrepreneurs have is not having enough money to cover marketing cost. By adding a funded proposal you get the chance to offer a very low cost informational product to you customers. This product could be a training of some sort or introduction product inline to your niche. It will help build your email list and cover some marketing cost at the same time.

All of this come together to create an Attraction Marketing funnel. The funnel is the actual process of bringing it all together. The funnel is good because it leads your prospect one step at a time with the end result of creating a new customer.

In the end the Attraction Marketing System will function like this:

A. At the top of your funnel are all your marketing outlets like the Social Media marketing sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, the banner ads and PPC advertising. All these marketing outlets enter your prospect into your funnel.

B. The next step in the process creates a way for the marketing outlets to lead your prospective customers to the lead capture page.

C. The lead capture page presents a compelling offer in the form a funded proposal.

D. After information is exchanged the customers contact info is automatically placed into the auto responder witch triggers the procreated emails to go out.

E. The next step is to follow up with your new leads.

F. The final step is to reintroduce yourself to you new and lead by directing them to your website or blog.

Attraction Marketing works because it provides value up front. It brands you as an expert and puts the marketer / seller in the forefront for all to see. It allows the customer to pre-qualify there self by their willingness to follow your leadership and direction. It allows the marketer / seller to establish a relationship with their new customer. Attraction Marketing works!