People from a couple of decades ago would probably have a hard time understanding what internet marketing. In the past, marketing strategies revolve around making commercial advertisements, distributing flyers, giving out promotional discounts and the like.

But now, the internet has revolutionized the way people and companies do marketing. Few of the examples that are commonly employed now as internet marketing are email marketing, social media management, search engine optimization, and the like.

Email marketing is a great tool to promote a product, service or a brand. There are over four billion people who have email addresses. There is more than half of the entire world’s population. To be able to tap even a small percentage of that email users or account holders is being able to have a chance to get the attention of more as many people as possible.

But getting the attention of one’s market does not end at getting their email address. It also has a lot to do with the content of the message sent. This is where the expertise and strategies of traditional marketing agents and experts come in. Just like every other kind of marketing plan, the email must contain things that will attract the market at the soonest possible instance.

Social media management is one of the best, if not the best, method of internet marketing at the present time. Though there are a lot more email account holders, there are certainly more active and avid users of social marketing sites.

Some studies show that people’s most waking hours are spent online. And with the internet becoming more accessible especially in cities and urbanized towns, going online to browse, chat, upload and download stuff have become very easy. These activities have even become part of people’s daily routine.

Yes, social networking sites are great venue for marketing one’s brand or product. But it has to be remembered that people go to these sites to do their personal stuff. They post status update, pictures, chat with friends, and the like. For a marketing strategy to work, the method of advertising and the type of market that will be tapped will have to be considered.

Properly defining one’s target market is imperative in a successful marketing plot. The users of social networking accounts are of mixed age, gender, and status. Shot gun marketing is not advisable as this may lead to people not seeing the goal and purpose for the marketing scheme. The method may be thought of as a scam, spam and other, which may consequently cause people to not take seriously or ignore the schemes brought through these social networking sites.