Internet Marketing (IN) and Network Marketing (NM) have been used interchangeably to identify the marketing of products and services, but there is a difference between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.

Even though they both involve the marketing of products and services, IM departs from the principles of NM in that everything can be done completely online to include the relationship building element of building you business. This makes Internet Marketing attractive to the people who don’t want to pick up the phone and call their prospects, and that’s very possible with IM. However, you should have excellent copying writing skills to craft your lead capture pages, your sales letters, and your email series to make up for not picking up the phone to connect with your prospect. You have to convey so much valuable information and market to a niche that is your perfect Avatar, and have that Avatar take action based upon your word.

You have to send hundreds to thousands of leads a day through your sales funnel for enough of them to come through the other side as customers or business associates. You then have to have an excellent way of following up with those customers and business associates to get the customers to continue to support you and for your business associates to duplicate your way of doing business.

If this sounds like a daunting task, don’t fret, because technology has allowed individuals to do exactly what I described above and become successful Internet Marketers. You can also rely on video marketing and training to take care of the relationship building element. You can hold live webinars which are recorded so that you can use them as future training sessions and as marketing materials. Webinars and videos that feature training and business opportunity sharing information are yet another resource that you can use to build your business via Internet Marketing. Conference calls are an important aspect of Internet Marketing and Network Marketing.

The main difference between Internet Marketing and Network Marketing is the personal phone calls from you as the business owner to prospects that come out the other side of your sales funnel as a potential business partner. It is this personal aspect of Network Marketing that separates it from Internet Marketing.

The principles of IM are the same principles used by NM with just a different name. Instead of making a list of people you have a relationship with (NM), you build a list of people to establish a relationship with (IM). Instead of hosting a business opportunity meeting (NM), you host a business opportunity webinar (IM). Instead of building a relationship through personal contact (NM), you build a relationship through email follow-up, videos, and the content that you provide on your blog if you have one (IM).

Internet Marketing has made it possible for the Network Marketer to build his or her business faster because they are able to reach more prospects through the power of the internet. Videos have made it easier for the Internet Marketer to build a relationship because your prospects get to see a representation of the real person.