Internet marketing, also known as online marketing, online advertisement, email marketing or online advertisement is the promotion or marketing of services and products online. It uses the World Wide Web and the internet to put across marketing messages in order to entice customers.

It was not until in the year 1994 though that internet marketing started to be used extensively as a marketing tool. Revenue grew to 7.1 billion USD by 2001, but with the dot com bust, many online marketing industries were annihilated or weakened. It was not until 2004 that the online marketing industry began to pick up momentum with the implementation of web 2.0 business model.

Businesses or individuals who promote the selling and buying of spaces used for advertising on web pages -squeeze page marketing- also emerged during this period. Squeeze page marketing employs the use of providing free videos and TV’s so as to generate a considerable amount of traffic from individuals watching these free videos and TV and later sell this traffic to advertisers.

Various Types Of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can be widely sub divided into different categories, but here are a few that are Key:

– Search Engine Optimization:- This is where the visibility of a given web page or website is improved by the unpaid search results.

– Email Marketing:- This is when emails containing information on a product(s) are sent to different people with an intention to convince them to buy that particular product(s).

– Video Marketing:- Videos designed to compel the viewer to buy a certain product.

– Social Media Marketing:- A lot of attention or traffic can be gained for a product through the various social media in the internet today, e.g Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

How to be Successful At Online Marketing

Over the past several years, experts in the internet marketing arena have come to establish that the topics that keep on coming up over and over again while discussing how to be a successful internet marketer are:

1. Market your content

It’s important to not only produce content that is of great quality but also to do it in a manner that is focused and strategic. Every so often, you should make offers that would benefit the reader and these offers should include the exchange of money.

2. Create a Strong Bond with your Audience

This is a vital point to note since instead of constantly looking for new customers, you can have a situation where you create an environment which keeps attracting the customers and readers that you already have and also making them come back for more. Your customers in turn will keep on calling more of their friends to visit your site.

3. Conduct an Audit of your Website

By conducting an SEO audit on your website, you will be able to find out if you have been missing opportunities that you had no idea existed and at the same time discover the terms that you also didn’t know that your website is ranked for.

4. Skillful Use of Copywriting Techniques

By keeping in touch of the latest trending topics in the social media, or even coming up with a topic yourself can help you to start with a hot headline, tactfully move past the copy and finally to a stirring call to action. This technique works really well with the various social media.

5. Make Sure you Have Something Worth Buying.

You can always find anything being sold on the internet today, but not all of it is worth buying. Whatever it is you are selling, it should be worth the users attention and of a quality well above the price you are asking for it.

All these points are strong on their own and might as well work independently but if used simultaneously, they make a formidable weapon in marketing products and services online.

Some of the Most Unappreciated Internet Marketing Strategies

Most people while looking for a strategy to market their products usually search for an out of this world marketing strategy or tactic that everyone seems to be using, or trying to get their hands on one of such a strategy. They usually forget that the most effective strategies are usually not talked much about. For example:

1. True View in Stream on You Tube

These are the 5 second videos on You Tube that force you to watch an advertisement before you have the opportunity to watch the video of your choice.

2. Advertisements on Facebook

Facebook targets a wide audience and with a fairly satisfactory advertisement, a potential customer is more likely to click and view your product.