Internet marketing denotes the promotion of any service or any products through the internet. A company can have an advertisement of their product or service throughout the world by using internet marketing, which is also frequently termed as web marketing, e-marketing or online marketing. Sometimes iMarketing is also used to indicate internet marketing.

iMarketing is thought to be the most modern policy to spread information about a new product or service among the people throughout the world. It is not only just marketing through the internet, but also it includes marketing through wireless media or e-mail. That is why its scope is believed to be so broad.

The procedure itself can be divided into several types like Display Advertising, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, Search Engine Optimization or SEO, Social Media Marketing or SMM, Email Marketing, Referral Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing.

Display advertising is the type where web banners or banner advertisements are placed on different third party websites to increase traffic of the targeted website as well as to increase awareness of the product or service. Search engine marketing is the sort of marketing that tries to support web pages or websites by advancing their visibility in the result pages of search engines. In SEM, the process is done by using paid placement, paid inclusion and by contextual advertising.

Search engine optimization techniques also supports the web pages or websites to advance their visibility in search engine results; but unlike SEM, the process is done by using natural or un-paid or organic methods. Social media marketing is the process that is applied to gain traffic for a web page by using various social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Email marketing is a marketing process where commercial messages are directly sent to different people that use electronic mail service.

e-marketing is more economical than any other traditional marketing system. Through this system, any company can become able to reach a wide range of audiences with a relatively small budget as well as in a relatively short period of time. Besides, in this marketing process, the consumers get the opportunity to have a chance to research the product before they make a decision of buying any product or enjoying any service. Therefore, this process is much friendlier for the consumers as well.

Internet marketers have the opportunity to measure statistics easily and economically as roughly all the features of web marketing movement can be marked out and evaluated by using an “ad server”.

The first mentionable limitation of the procedures is probably that the buyers do not have the opportunity to physically judge the tangible products. Another issue is not all the people, especially from the root level, use the internet frequently. But these limitations can be neglected considering the facilities that a company is getting from an internet marketing system.

Overall, companies use Internet marketing to advertise their products throughout the Internet and reach an unlimited number of people. This not only increases awareness of a product but it can also open new sources of revenue for a company.