It seems there are more and more people looking to make money online as a real possibility, especially as traditional jobs and salaries are gradually becoming downsized. New people might think that the virtual world offers more possibilities, that e-commerce might open more doors. They are looking for products and services that bring real value with top-notch technical support and refunds if something proves unmanageable. The big question is how to find Integrity and Value and Honor with the producer or marketer of any program.

We also realize that there are many work-at-home experts who have good knowledge and can help others succeed as well. We expect that success with integrity comes down to solving real problems and giving real value.

So maybe you have browsed through internet marketing opportunities. Maybe you’ve been enticed by the glamorous flash pages about how you can make a fast buck or two via the latest easy button “money making system.”

Sadly, Internet Marketing has been recently described as “morphing into business opportunity mayhem.” Sadly, the big “money rush” today has made even quality products suffer because of poor experiences with bad products or systems.

Who do you trust? What is the current state of the Internet marketing world?

Here is my experience into the internet marketer’s virtual space. Can you relate? Twice bitten, thrice wary.

From an email list, I get the next “big thing” website from a big name marketer. I listened to his calm voice on the video and read the sales letter packed with hype. The false scarcity and don’t miss prosperity clench at your hopes and dreams. You are made to feel that you need more, More, MORE in order to feel good about the do-or-die purchase.

There is a definite exaggeration of results but it seems logical with a small enough price and you go ahead thinking it might be something worthwhile on the market that could actually be a good tool to invest in.

Then AFTER you purchase the initial product you find out that 90% of what’s in the original sales letter you don’t get unless you purchase an expensive follow-up or upsell. It’s basically bait and switch in CAPS. That is what bothers me the most.

I now watch for the hype, lies, false promises and false earning screenshots.

I ignore Exit pops and upsells as a waste of time, especially those that say at the very bottom of the page, “No thanks, I don’t want to make real money.”

Another internet marketer noted that “90% of the foreign garbage that is out there doesn’t even tell you what the product does other than how you can make $57,777.77 in one hour for $37 dollars.”

A few early, technical savvy gurus and their top gun affiliates are running roughshod in this expanding frontier and there seems to be few rules to rein them in. Where are the newer FTC regulations to set boundaries about how to market online?

It appears that greed is still in fashion.

It necessitates careful due diligence and self-preservation by the average home business opportunity seeker.

So it was with great interest that I read an excellent letter by a New York Times bestselling author and media innovator, Joel Comm. He believes in engagement and active relationship marketing. He also recently noted from first-hand experience some very disturbing trends in the Internet marketing realm and how to come to terms with them.

1. There are many Internet marketers without integrity.

2. Not all products and services bring value to the customer. Ninety-five percent of the evaluations receive a thumbs-down from his team. Many marketers are creating cutting-edge products just to have something new to sell and not because they had anything useful to bring to the marketplace.

3. The customer is getting the short-end of the stick. More often than not, people are persuaded to buy what they don’t need or know how to consume. The dirty secret is marketers know people will never achieve the financial goals they desire from these products. “This has always disturbed me and I’ve witnessed many marketers laugh at this fact.”

Behind the scenes the conversations go somewhat like this:

“Hey man! How you doing? Dude! We are launching our product in a few weeks and you can make some insane MAD money promoting it! The conversions are off the charts and the upsells are going to kill it! All the top hitters are all on board to promote. Think you can sell more than they do so you can win the big prize? Woohoo!”

This is absolute reality! I have witnessed it time and time again at my own personal level.

Comm continues, “I’m not perfect. Far from it. But I’m a work in process and hope that as I grow the value I bring to the marketplace grows as well…But the majority of what is available is just a huge waste of time and money. They are either repackaged information from years gone by, gimmicks that take advantage of loopholes in the search engines, tricks to use social media in ways it was never intended to be used or outright snake oil sold using a product launch plan turned bad…