Although marketing, in general, should be tailored to the industry they are promoting, some industries are a bit more ‘delicate’ than others. Actually, anything in the healthcare industry requires being familiar with strict government regulations in regard to claims which can be made and how various products and services are represented. For this reason, any brand within or associated with healthcare should understand just how important it is to choose a marketing team proven to get results, all the while being compliant with government marketing regulations.

Carefully Worded Advertising Claims

This is something that has long been a problem in the world of marketing within healthcare. Bear in mind that there are no absolutes. No one, even the most renowned oncologists, for example, can guarantee that a patient will live ten or twenty years after cancer treatments. However, you will find marketing teams that regularly make those kinds of claims.

Consider for a moment a marketing team that guarantees a woman that she will look 20 years younger (not usually the issue) and will meet the man of her dreams. Who can promise that? They might be able to allude to the fact that looking younger will be more attractive to the opposite sex, but saying they will finally meet Mr. Right is ludicrous!

Marketing pros that specialize in plastic surgery marketing know what to say and how to say it. They can legally get the point across without making false claims. RSM Marketing, for one, is a marketing group that has in-house specialist teams that get real results without breaking the rules.

Knowing When to Add Disclaimers

This is another extremely important factor when marketing any prescription drugs regulated by the FDA. Only doctors can diagnose illnesses or prescribe medications and treatments. It is imperative to add a disclaimer to any content that could even be mildly construed as offering medical advice. The disclaimer should clearly state that the content in regard to these prescriptions is not medical advice and if that is what the reader is looking for, they should consult with their own physicians.

Even licensed doctors add disclaimers that they cannot diagnose or prescribe without seeing the patient. Bear in mind that government rules are quite clear in this regard and, once again, this is why specialist marketing teams are of vital importance. They know what to say and when they can say it – legally, that is.

Earning the Respect of Consumers

In the end, any marketing team that makes false claims for your plastic surgery brand is probably going to lose you more patients than they gain for you. Nothing prompts customer feedback as much as being dissatisfied with the treatments or services rendered and they are more than happy to bombard every social account they have with all the negative feedback they can muster. Besides being illegal to falsely represent a plastic surgeon, those teams can suffer severe consequences for breaking the rules. Do you need healthcare related specialist marketing? If so, look for teams that specialize in your niche and you will be much happier for the effort.