Starting a career in tech is always the right choice. It’s where the money’s at. Plain and simple.

Some companies offer 6-figure salaries for beginners. Anyone can literally start a tech career and be a 6-figure earner.


Everybody in this industry is trying to create “the next big thing” and they’re going to need a lot of manpower to do so. 

Almost anybody can get into tech today… but there’s a catch.

You must be competent at all levels and have your abilities at their peak to secure a job with any company.

And that’s just from small start-ups, imagine what bigger companies do with their applicants.

It’s an extremely competitive industry, and we’ll teach you how to get ahead and succeed.

Just ask how 27 of our students found success as QAs in the past month working for some of the biggest tech companies.

Join us in our automation testing training Live Session with Test Pro Graduates and learn more about the program that has helped them make $78,000 per year.

We’ll talk about:

  • Background before becoming a QA
  • Job search challenges
  • Interview experience/s
  • Interview questions
  • Salary offers
  • How their day looks like
  • Tools they use on a daily basis
  • And so much more!

Make sure you don’t miss this event because this is gonna be exciting. 

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