Marketing is considered to be a great career for creative people and that is true. When people think of marketing, they think of advertising campaigns, writing and designing brochures, sales and it is all of those things. In the 21st century, you can add database designer, web designer, analytics expert and more.

It is exceedingly rare to find all that expertise in one Swiss Army Knife of a person. That’s where the time honored tradition of outsourced marketing comes into play. At the very least, companies outsourced their advertising from print to video and they still do. Now, in addition to video and print, companies now outsource web design, database design, and many more jobs that are now part of marketing.


If you want to hire a marketing department, you need to have deep pockets! Hiring all of the expertise you need is expensive. Most small to medium businesses can’t afford to hire an entire department. Outsourced marketing is an excellent solution.

When you decide to hire an outsourced marketing firm, you want a firm with all of the tools you need to meet your company’s needs and goals. Like Swiss Army knives, different firms have different tools. For example, GottaLotta Marketing (GLM) specializes in Internet marketing from web design to search engine optimization (SEO) to social media optimization (SMO). GLM can design an effective email marketing campaign to bring traffic to your web site and convert visitors to customers. This is just a small part of the services GLM offers.

You hear it everywhere you go these days, “It’s tough out there.” It’s true. It is tough out there these days with people out of work for years and businesses closing right and left. Businesses have had to make some tough decisions, saving where possible and managing resources. Business must go on and that includes your marketing.

Outsourced marketing is an excellent solution to meet your marketing needs. When you move a fixed expense like marketing to a variable expense, it saves you money. In addition to the savings, it leaves you in a great position to grow when the economy starts to get better.


In the mean time, you still have to market your business and you can still grow. The trick is not to cut too much from the marketing plan to make it useless, or worse, cut the entire marketing budget. Outsourced marketing is often seen as a drain on monetary resources and is rejected out-of-hand as too expensive. Cutting too much is as bad as not cutting at all.

Smart companies see opportunities even in bad times and work hard to take advantage of every opportunity. In addition to taking advantage of existing opportunities, these smart companies are forward-looking and often outsource business needs like marketing. Outsourcing is not just a good way to save money, it’s a good business move.