Marketing is basically an activity, a platform, set of institutions and the processes which are used for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that are valuable and worth for the customers, clients, partners and society at large. In other terms, marketing is basically a method, a process through which companies can create value for customers by building strong relationship with them in order to attain and gain value from their customers in return. Marketing can also be defined as a relationship which can be created by any brand in terms of short terms or long terms.

There were different eras in which various modes and methods of marketing were used. Late back when technology was not so fast, marketing was done through flyers and brochures but if you are expanding your business publicly, it will expand your expenses to a great amount as printing costs are too high. Furthermore, it enhances your costing and budgeting to a high level too. Sign boards which are placed for marketing which do give good business if they attract a viewer’s eye. Now a day’s living and life has become so fast that there is hardly any time left for us to read the board and look after the brand. Even if you are stuck in traffic, and have time to read the board you will forget that once you reach your destination.

Since technology changed in the new era and new developments came into being, marketing strategies were also changing as rapid change in internet marketing came into existence, in 2002. You can also define internet marketing as the marketing which is done on the internet. It is also termed as web marketing, online marketing, e-marketing and so on. Internet marketing is also done through email and digital media. It gives a vast platform and ties up the creative and technical aspects of the internet, which includes the design, development, advertising and sales. Internet marketing also gives a platform for the placement of media along with many different stages of the customer engagement cycle with the search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). Through internet marketing, you can also place banners on specific websites. Since, there are various forms and types of internet marketing, out of which one of them is the Niche marketing. It emphasizes on creating destination for web users and consumers, on specific topics and products as they provide the users with the targeted information. It allows the creators to establish themselves as authorities on the topic or product. Mobile marketing is also a very cheap and good way to market and expand your brand globally.

The major advantage of internet marketing, over local marketing is that it is inexpensive, rather than other advertising methods and terminologies. Companies reach up larger spectators in a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets, it allows the user to research and purchase the product more conveniently rather than surfing for the product in the market. Mobile marketing has also brought a rapid change in marketing a brand more elegantly. With the help of internet marketing, it has brought the users to appeal consumers in a way that can bring results more quickly and efficiently.