If you are planning to fly over to Entebbe Airport, you should book your Airport transfer beforehand and this is why!

 1) Avoid random drivers.

While there registered taxi operators at the airport, if you are first time visitor you may not know them and end up into some random drivers. There are criminals that target entering tourists knowing they have cash on them. Avoid these by booking your airport transfer in time to avoid such bad people.

2) Avoid Last Minute Over charges

When you book your airport transfer in time, you have enough time to bargain and search for better offers. Last minute bookings mean you do not have enough time and will most likely fall for whats available and often at a higher fee.

3) Get a Vehicle That Suits your needs.

If you would like a speacial type of car to transfer you from Entebbe then last minute bookings will not be ideal for you. Most cars available at the airport are ordinary saloon cars or small SUVs If you would like something more elegant, you will need to book it in time to avoid frustrations.