Twitter marketing is a skill that takes time to learn because there are so many people that just spam away and don’t care if they are providing any real Value. You should follow the same pattern in marketing that has always been and that is Supply what is in Demand. For example if you are a vegan blogger then why would you supply steak blogs? You have to ask yourself these questions-WHY should or would they care? Am I providing Value? Am I filling a need?

Step 1. Register a Twitter account under your name before someone else takes it.

Step 2. Create a profile that reflects your image and use this space to create a call to action.

Step 3. First add your family and friends.

Step 4. Go to whoshouldifollow follow people that are into same things as you example- ( marketing)

Step 5. Go to twittercounter and add the top followed people. Also use Twitter directories:

* Use twellow It is a Twitter yellow pages

* Use twitdir to find people to follow that have a lot of followers

* Also –

* wefollow

Step 6. Use – FriendorFollow this tool compares your list of friends with your followers

and shows you who does not follow you back.

Step 7. Add your Twitter id to your blogs, etc. and also to your signature in emails and forums, etc.

Step 8. Add a retweet button to your article.

Step 9. Use twitterati.alltop to find Value articles and writers to follow.

Step 10. Use stufftotweet to find Valuable things to tweet

Step 11. Use social media sites like Digg to drive up your traffic.

Step 12. Use hootsuite to auto-post and schedule multiple tweets.

Step 13. Use twitvid to post videos on Twitter.

Step 14. Use oneforty to find cool Twitter apps