Congratulations on getting started in business for yourself. It can be a daunting step and a step that many people take too lightly. Your first year in network marketing is supposed to be a year of growth, experience and fun however for most people it is a year of pain, missed opportunities and broken promises.

Today I want to take you through what you need to do in your first year of network marketing to gain the results you are looking for and build a business that will continue to pay you even when you are sleeping.

We are going to tackle the “Do’s and Do Not’s” of your first year. These steps I talk about will be critical to your success and paramount for you to know so you don’t fall into the traps.

So let’s start with the Do’s: These are pretty common. Most leaders who have been around for a while will give you a majority of these Do’s for your first year in network marketing however there are some they will not give you.

1. Make sure you have your “Big Dream” written down. For me it was buying shoes for my daughter, for my wife to be able to stay at home to raise our children (instead of a day care centre doing it for us) and to have a sense of accomplishment and feel as though I could do something worthwhile.

Make sure this written down statement is in your wallet or purse and carried around with you. Read it each day.

2. Set your goals around your priorities. Meaning, make sure you know what is most important to you BEFORE you set your goals.

3. Determine your work hours. Have time set aside to build your business and time set aside to rest. I take Easter (1 week) and Christmas (4 – 6 weeks) off at the moment. I also have the times I work my business in my diary and the dates of the important events like birthdays, anniversaries, dates with my wife etc in my diary.

4. Have a training system to plug into. You see if there is no training system where you can go to get the information you need 24 hours per day and 7 days per week you are not going to be able to build a business that is duplicatable. You want your system to teach you how to use both offline and online strategies to build your business.

5. Be consistent with your efforts. The money is made when you are working your business consistently, so in your first year of network marketing make sure you put time aside to work your business every week.

6. Know what working looks like in network marketing or home based business. In this industry there is only one way you make money and that is when you are getting someone started in business or on your products and when you team are doing the same. Remember if you are not working neither are your team. Administration is NOT working…

7. Be with a Company that is going to pay you well and have a unique product range.

8. Learn how to use an auto responder and technology. More about this later.

9. Attend ALL the meetings and duplicate what the leaders are doing that you respect.

OK so let’s cover to Do Not’s of your first year in network marketing.

1. Don’t treat your business like a hobby. Remember that hobbies cost you money. If you are not treating your business seriously you are not making money.

2. Don’t fool yourself by saying you are working your business when you are not. You know what I am talking about. Too many people say they are working when they are actually on Facebook, checking emails or chatting with friends about everything else except their business or products.

3. Don’t be a product junky and forget you have a business opportunity as well. Most people get started and ONLY talk about their products. They get scared to talk about their business. Don’t do this.

4. Don’t think you know it all. Stay teachable. Get professionally trained.

5. Don’t be boring. Build with purpose and passion. People want to hang around other people that are getting things done and are having fun…

Now of course there are many things we can talk about for your first year in network marketing however from my experience these are the most important. Remember, if you are scared, unsure, and apprehensive etc. this will all come through and will show up in your results. Stay confident!