Are you struggling to build your downline and grow your MLM business? Why is it that an estimated 97% of network marketers FAIL? If you are struggling, then I am going to bet it is because of the MLM marketing system that you are using.

How can I possibly know that when I have no idea who you are and what you’ve done in your business. I am guessing that your MLM marketing system is causing you to struggle (and might ultimately cause you to fail) in your business, because virtually ALL network marketers are given an ineffective and outdated marketing system to use by their upline and/or their company. You are given a system that is essentially sabotaging you.

So it’s no wonder you’re struggling — and it’s no wonder that about 97% of network marketers fail. It is not that MLMs are not a good business opportunity (quite the opposite in fact), it is the way people are taught to market them that is flawed.

What are most new network marketers told to do? What is the MLM marketing system most network marketers are taught to use?

They are told to buy product samples, brochures and other various company paraphernalia. They are told to make a “list of 100,” and approach (or CHASE as it often feels like) people they know about getting in on their company’s amazing business opportunity. They are told to get their friends and family on 3-way calls with their upline and to throw parties where their upline will come and lead the discussion.

They are told that if they just get three people (and everyone they bring in gets three people), that everyone will virtually instantly grow a massive downline and become disgustingly rich. This MLM marketing system is probably sounding pretty familiar by now…

There are several reasons why the vast majority of network marketers fail with this MLM marketing system. First, even if we assume that it can work, it at its best works really SLOWLY. You are generating leads and bringing people into your business one by one.

That results in your downline growing at best at a snail’s pace, and at worst frustrates you as the business owner because it is nearly impossible to recoup your initial investment within a reasonable period of time. Many network marketers cannot afford to wait this long to recoup their initial investment, and virtually all of them would like to be in PROFIT (not just to break even).

The second reason that this type of MLM marketing system causes most network marketers to fail, is because of what I call the “brick wall” syndrome. When you are solely relying on your warm market (i.e., your friends, family, neighbors etc) as your potential lead pool, you have drastically limited yourself. No matter how many people you know, you still only know so many people and eventually that list will dry up. You will run out of potential prospects and leads. That is the deathblow of any network marketing business.

A related reason why this MLM marketing system leads to failure is because when you chase and convince people to get into your business — and when you get them in based on the business opportunity instead of the product — you will have a decently high drop-out rate. Many people will sign up to “help you out” — people who weren’t really all that interested in either the product or the opportunity. When they drop out, you have put a lot of your time, money and effort into someone who yielded you very little (or nothing at all).