Network Marketing has drastically changed since its inception. Today more and more network marketers are looking for new training and turning to the Internet for their own network marketing leads generation. The old network marketing prospecting over the phone is becoming more archaic as we move into the new decade.

The question more and more network marketers are now asking is: how do we use the Internet most effectively to increase our own network marketing leads generation?

Before we get there, let us just talk about our replicated company websites and how they hurt our credibility and Internet presence.

From the prospects view, with company replicated sites, we are seen as nothing more than “sales reps” or “distributors” for “X,Y,Z” company. There is nothing unique on our replicated sites that make us stand apart from other distributors. Even more discouraging, our replicated websites are frowned upon by Google and other search engines because they are nothing more that “Internet spam.”

Being a budding Internet Marketer myself, I have come to know that what Google loves is content – valuable, juicy, content. They dislike repetition because their job is to provide unique solutions to its web surfers – YOU and your prospects. Our replicated sites do nothing to establish ourselves as “experts” in our fields or provide unique solutions to our prospects.

So, how do Network Marketers become unique solution providers? And how can we use the Internet to effectively enhance our network marketing prospecting?

Below are several ways to be seen as an “expert” by Google and ante up your own network marketing leads generation.

1) Become an Expert

Learn about yourself, your industry and your marketplace.

What do you know now that can assist fellow network marketers become successful?

What personal development books have you read that have helped you along your journey to success?

Offer value and guidance first; only then will you become an “expert” to others and attract them to what you have to offer. You don’t have to know everything; as long as you know more than your potential customer, you are an expert! And to Google, as long as you provide quality content – you are an expert too.
2) Create your Own Internet Content

Create your own website with your story, passions, and valuable business tips. Give away free information.
Write about your experience in the industry and how it could help others coming into the industry.
What mistakes would you avoid if you could start over?

A great build-it-yourself website tool is “Site Build It!” (SBI!). SBI! provides many helpful tools to help increase your online presence or visibility. In fact, many network marketers are experiencing great success with it.

It’s goal is to help you gain search-engine visibility by helping you brainstorm and develop lots of Internet content that will provide solutions to your target market as well as maximize ways for you to build relationships with your potential customers/business builders.

You can also create a blog at or for free. Blogs allow you to share experiences with others who are searching for the knowledge you have to offer. You can build a following online by become a blogger and blogging. The neat thing too is that blogging has become more popular than ever this past year or two, so it’s the “in” thing on the internet.

You can create free “mini-sites” on Squidoo ( and HubPages ( These are excellent places to develop a web presence right away.

Creating instructional videos on video sites like YouTube ( is a great way to attract others; it is also very popular and attractive.
3) Sharpen your Marketing Skills Set

The most important part of Network Marketing is marketing.

For many years Network marketers have been instructed to interrupt people in grocery stores, cold call leads and use ineffective marketing tactics.

If you can learn sound marketing strategies i.e.
For one knowing who you want to attract -your target market – (not just anyone looking for a business or way to make money from home)

And how to earn money by marketing to the 97% of people who never join your business
you’ll have a super competitive edge over 99% of the people in our industry.
4) Get an Internet Marketing Coach

Find an Internet Marketing coach who knows how to develop content that Google will crave.

Choose a leader who has experienced some challenges in MLM and is now building his or her own web content to attract (instead of repel) leads.

Find someone who can train you on hot effective marketing on the Internet, Web 2.0 (i.e. Myspace, YouTube), and New Media (i.e. blogging).

Leverage is the whole idea behind network marketing. The Internet gives network marketers tons of leverage but only if one learns to build Internet content in a way Google will love.