In the beginning, I really thought that word of mouth network marketing was the way to go, but I now realize that what got the recruits in, should be what would keep them in, and also, at the same time, give them a chance to prosper.

Many network marketers have found financial security, lifestyle of freedom, spending precious time with family and friends, travelling, and doing the things they always wanted to do. But what about your down-line, is it not your down-line, who is going to secure your status? Your financial security and residual income, is mainly the foundation of your down-line, how are you going to secure your down-line, so you can continue to enjoy financial success?

If The Bottom Falls Out, The Top Will Surely Come Down.

Your down-line should be your focus, they should mean everything to you. As a network marketer, you should have a system that will carry you through to your desired haven, but will carry, or have the ability to carry your down-line too.

Word of mouth network marketing is surely not for everybody, many people do not want to speak to anybody about network marketing, or going door to door to sell a product, or any such thing, they just hate that type of activity. The thing is, they did not know they would have to do that coming in. Had they know it, they may not have joined that company.

Word of mouth network marketing is hard. You have to speak to friends and family, strangers, trying to sell them a business opportunity, which they never wanted in the first place. Who said that everybody want to have a business, even a home business? Network marketing is not for everybody, which brings me to my point.

With internet network marketing, you don’t have to run behind anyone to join your business. You don’t have to make a list of prospects, whether warm, cold, or not so old market. You don’t have to do no cold calling, which is a burden lifted. The other thing about internet network marketing, is that, the people who opt in to your lead generation list, are mostly people looking for what you have to offer.

Seeing that you did not have to influence their decisions, and knowing that they were drawn by their own desire to be in business, they would more likely used the same system that draw them in, to build their own businesses, the results, a lot of educated network marketers, using the power of the internet to market to internet network marketers, which for today is a more secure system to do network marketing.

The reason that the bottom falls off, is because there was no system in place. You want to have something that is on auto pilot, and have the potential to last for a long time. You see, after you have built financial security for yourself using such a system, your down-line using the same system also has the same chance to build financial security, and in so doing, secure your own.

Because internet network marketing is more viable for today’s’ network marketer, and has the power to be more lasting, the network marketer finds more profit financially, and more time to do other things he/she chooses to do.