Excuse me, this is my room manhwa 

Excuse Me, This is My Room is a Korean manhwa series created by Hong Seung-woo. Published by Daum, the series consists of ten volumes as of September 2017.

The story follows the life of a young woman, Jin-hee, as she moves into a new apartment and starts university. Jin-hee is extremely tidy and OCD, and soon discovers that her new neighbours are not at all tidy. Chaos ensues as Jin-hee tries to keep her apartment clean while her neighbours make a mess, and she must learn to deal with them in order to keep her living space livable.

The series has been praised for its relatable and funny characters, as well as its accurate portrayal of university life and the difficulties of living with others.


Romance manhwa and Springtime for blossom manhwa 

What is manhwa?
China has a long and proud tradition of producing sequential art, or manhua. Manhua is the general name for comics and animation made in China and Taiwan, and there is a lot of variation in terms of style and genre. 
The word “manhua” is composed of the characters 人 (rén) meaning “person” and 画 (huà) meaning “picture”, so manhua literally means “pictures of people.” 

The term “manhwa” is a Japanese neologism, and it was coined in the early 1990s by the publisher Shogakukan to describe the Korean comics being imported into Japan at the time. 

The word “manhwa” is not used in Korea, where the terms “manhwa” and “k comics” (Korean comics) are used interchangeably.

What is Romance manhwa?
Romance manhwa refers to comics that focus on romance, often with happy endings. While there are many different types of romance manga and manhwa, the most common themes involve young love, first love, and forbidden love.

What is Springtime for blossom manhwa?
Springtime for blossom manhwa refer to comics that are slice of life or romantic comedy. They focus on the day to day lives of the characters and the small, everyday problems they face. These manhwa often have a light and airy feeling, and often have a happy ending.



After reading about the struggles and experiences of the main character, it is hard not to feel some empathy for him. Despite all of the difficulties he faces, he does not give up and continually tries to make the best of his life. His resilience is admirable and it is clear that he is a fighter. Hopefully, he will eventually find happiness and be able to overcome all of the obstacles in his way. Be sure to read the best manhwa at Trilliux.