Since 1992, our furniture design team at Knotty Ash Woodworking have been expertly crafting bespoke consoles and desks for clients from a wide selection of industries. Made using only the finest sustainable timbers and laminates available, we have a range of modular desk systems that are ideal for professional use in office, studio or control room settings. Alternatively, we can work with our clients to produce custom-made desks and furniture that is designed to fit an exact space. Whichever of our services you opt for, we our skilled craftsmanship and exemplary customer service will ensure that your furniture requirements are always exceeded.

Technical Furniture and Consoles

As a necessity in so many businesses, from process control rooms to cutting-edge broadcasting studios, technical furniture is our speciality. Our specialist furniture crafters at Knotty Ash are experienced in working with a variety of clients, always considering their unique specifications. Each of our bespoke designs is intended to provide a comfortable and ergonomic workspace, whilst always matching the branding and aesthetics of the company. Extra features such as height adjustability, raised monitor arms, keyboard trays, and inbuilt charging ports can be added to each design, to create a truly customised console that is well-suited for purpose.

Office and Boardroom Furniture

Used every day by most businesses with an office, boardroom furniture, office desks and chairs need to be the right mix of practical and comfortable, to ensure maximum productivity. Whether you’re in search of a large bespoke boardroom table to seat your whole team, or simply a well-designed office desk for your company directors, our specialist team will ensure that your needs are met. We also have a range of ergonomic desk chairs that will provide the optimal amount of comfort for your employees, particularly those working within 24/7 environments, such as process control command centres, air traffic control rooms and security centres. For those working within a large office or corporate workspace, we can also help to increase the fun factor at your company, with our range of custom gaming tables.

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