Funded Trading Account with no Challenge UK

The fastest way for beginner traders to get funded in the UK. The only funded account offering Stocks, Crypto, Indices, Forex, and Commodities with no challenges as training, courses, and mentorship are included.
Funded Trading Account with no Challenge UK
Apply to Monopoly Trading School and Funded Accounts and get a $14,000, $80,000, or $160,000 accounts. Get funded within if approved!

Benefits of the Funded Trading Account with no Challenge UK

Free Trading Courses: 
Access to three levels of Trading courses for beginners, Intermediates, or professionals.
Trading Discord Room:
Access to a trading room with personal mentors where you can learn and get market indicators, and a UK and global community of traders to discuss markets, network, and share ideas. Professionals will teach you how to invest and trade.
Up to 95% Profit Share:
Split the money. As a funded trader, you can keep up to 95% of the profits you make depending on the package applied.

Risk-free Trading:
You never risk your own money and aren’t responsible for losses. Our money, your profit. Risk-free! 
No Minimum Requirements or Targets:
You aren’t rushed or pressed to make trades. No minimums – trade & invest on your own schedule without profit targets.

Multi-Asset Trading Platform.

You get access to over 10,000 assets, including stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and futures, all within a single trading interface.

Money-Back Guarantee:

14-day money-back guarantee on all packages. If you don’t like the package, contact us and we’ll refund you. 
Quick Setup:
The industry’s quickest sign-up process, less than 2 minutes. After your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive account info.
Just a One-time Fee
There are no recurring charges, subscription fees, or other hidden costs. In addition, the fee may be refunded through your initial Profit Split.
All Types of UK Traders and Investors Welcomed
If you are a trader wishing to trade Stocks & Futures, A forex trader who seeks to profit from currency pairs, A long-term investor interested in US/European equities, or a crypto enthusiast interested in trading and investing in the most prominent coins.
Funded Trading Accounts UK




How much leverage is given to the funded trading accounts for UK residents?
The following leverage is applied Forex Leverage 1:10, Futures Leverage 1:2, Stocks Leverage 1:1, Crypto 1:1, Indices Leverage 1:2.

Are the funded trading accounts in the United Kingdom demo or live?
This is not a practice account that may be used for paper trading. You are going to use the actual currency to trade.

Can I trade outside the United Kingdom?
All countries excluding the United States are permitted to participate. We are seeking international traders and investors who are at least 18 years old. If you are willing to learn how to invest skillfully and employ appropriate risk management, that is all we require. There are no other requirements.

How much money can I earn as a funded trader in the UK?

Based on the funded trading account selected, the trader can keep up to 95% of the funded account’s profit. The 1st-10th of the month is the pay period. You can keep as much earnings in the account as a drawdown cushion. The payment split only occurs when you request to withdraw money; account profits remain. Funded traders can make unlimited profits. Larger tradeable account sizes mean larger profits.

How do funded traders get paid?  

Simply fill out the payout request form by heading to the website for the funded account and following the on-screen instructions.

What are the fees with the funded trading account in the United Kingdom?

There are no expenses to borrow or locate a short position. The commission rate for trading is 0.0075 USD per share, with a minimum charge of 1.5 USD per ticket. There is no charge for overnight storage.

Why should I join a funded trading account?


  • Trading is a challenging endeavor that calls for a never-ending quest for improvement.
  • Trading on relatively insignificant accounts while aiming for substantial earnings is one of the difficulties that traders could encounter (undercapitalization)
  • Concern for putting one’s own funds at risk. Let’s be honest: the majority of us don’t have money that we can actually risk, which adds an additional layer of pressure.
  • Psychological pressures to produce returns that are not realistic
  • Insufficient level of discipline (no set-in-stone rules)
  • Restriction of growth due to a lack of available funding options
  • Inadequate assistance from other people as well as the absence of a community.
By joining the family of funded traders you become backed by professional traders. Our back-end engine provides top-tier liquidity, technology, and analytics without risking your own capital. Plus, you can trade with our Stocks Package. You keep up to 95% of trading gains, and we cover losses. Profits from the financed account can cover the original charge. If you’re confident, you have no risk and boundless upside.

What is the Funded Trading Account?


A Funded Trader Account provides UK traders with sufficient cash to trade profitably with leverage. Once this is accomplished, the proceeds are divided between you and the Private Company.
Every day, a large number of people attempt to expand their knowledge of this industry, and it is not only necessary to understand the fundamentals of trading, but also to utilize the most effective tools and platforms in order to manage your funds and achieve success.
Numerous individuals are becoming lucrative as a result of acquiring trading abilities and tactics from numerous websites, but they lack the funds to generate substantial earnings. This is the reason why Funded Trader programs exist.

How do UK residents get a funded trading account?

  1. Enter your name, email address, and phone number.
  2. One of the representatives will call you within the hour.
  3. Commence trading and investing immediately.
If you would like to try the funded trading accounts risk-free why not visit: Funded Trading Accounts