Second hand machinery

Nowadays there are a lot of machines used to produce and process agricultural products. At first, it can seem very daunting to start a company in this branch or to modernize because of all those machines and their prices. However, it does not have to be as expensive as it appears at first. Second hand machinery can be a very good alternative for the majority of agri- and horticultural companies. There are more and more companies that sell second hand agricultural and horticultural machinery that are of high quality. The biggest advantage of buying used farming equipment over new, must be the price. The prices of second hand farming machinery, when compared to new, are very economically priced.

Today we are going to take a look at the machines that are being used to process the fruits and vegetables after they are harvested.

Used packaging equipment 

Packaging machines are being used to pack, in this case, fruits and vegetables. There are a lot of different machines since every type of crop needs a different machine. Also, there are different methods of packaging. Courgettes, Eggplant and Cucumbers for instance are often packed with shrink wraps, which need a shrink wrap machine. 

However, when we take a look at fresh cut vegetables that need to be kept fresh for a little while, you will need a flowpack machine. But more on that machine later.

At Duijndam Machines, a company that sells second hand machinery, we have a lot of used packaging machines for sale. Are you in the market for a second hand packaging machine? Make sure to take a look at their website. If you have any questions, you can best contact them, since the seller knows their products best and can give you advice to your specific needs. Here you can find their Used packaging equipment. The packaging machine price is much lower when bought used.

Pouch packaging machines

As mentioned earlier, pouch packing machines, also known as flowpack machines are a specific type of packaging machinery. Flowpack machines are often used for fruits and vegetables on a tray. The machine owes his name to the fact that the product goes through the machine in one ‘flow’. With a flowpack machine the product is hermetically sealed and is often used for, for instance, avocados and mangoes.  

Horizontal flowpack machines can be used for different types of fruits and vegetables, but there are also vertical flowpack machines. Which machine best suits your specific needs depends on the product you need to pack.  

Popular brands of flowpack machines are, tlm flow pack, fuji flow pack and pfm flowpack. At Duijndam Machines we offer the best second hand pouch packaging machines. All machines are thoroughly inspected and our philosophy is that the buyer can use the machine for years to come. You’ll find an overview of all the used flowpack machines on their website.

Used box dumper

But, before we can think of packaging the crops, there first needs to be a crop to pack. After harvesting the fruits and/or vegetables, they are often put in large boxes so that they can be transported to the storage. In order to empty those boxes as fast and efficiently as possible, you’ll need a box dumper (also known as box tipper). 

Box dumpers are used for many crops, there are used potato box tippers, but box dumpers can also be used for pumpkins and apples. Some box tippers function on their own, other box tippers you can install on a forklfit. Those are called forklift box tippers. Gaylord box tipper is one of the most known brands when it comes to box tippers. 

As with all agricultural machinery, box tippers can be expensive when bought new. However, box tippers are the perfect machine to buy second hand. Used potato box tippers can still function perfectly for years to come, with just a fraction of the price of a new box tipper. An overview of all the used box tipper that Duijndam Machines has to over, you’ll find on the website.


One thing is for sure; when it comes to agricultural machinery, buying new machines can be a very expensive affair. However, there are more and more companies that sell second hand farming equipment at very attractive prices, and the quality of the machines is often very high. Especially at Duijndam Machines, the machines are guaranteed of very high quality, since they are all thoroughly inspected. Also, all machines are bought by Duijndam Machines themselves, so they are no marketplace where everybody can sell their equipment. This way, the quality of the second hand farming machines is guaranteed.