The medical applications of marijuana vary on different continents. Traditional healers from western Kenya, for instance, use various East African sativa strains to treat measles. The doctor administers a cannabis-infused sponge bath on the sick child to get rid of the swelling.

After boiling the cannabis buds plus the stems and seeds, he pours the concoction inside a basin. The doctor takes a sponge and carefully wipes the baby. Parents then pay a small fee to receive medication, in the form of dried cannabis plants which they will use to make infused sponge baths for the measles.

Let’s look at more medical applications of weed in East Africa.

Medical Uses of East African Sativa Strains

1. Holistic Medicine for Rastafari Communities

Rastafarians maintain a strictly organic lifestyle and this discipline is evident in their approach to medication. The Rastafari communities found in East Africa believe that drinking infused herbal teas enables the body to benefit from all the medicinal value produced by marijuana.

2. Managing Stomach Aches

In addition to measles, local doctors in western Kenya boil cannabis buds and make a concoction that treats stomach aches. Some patients also believe that it can also cure dysentery.