Holidays are a time of magic, where every detail matters, from the sparkling decorations to the warm encounters with loved ones. In this rainbow kaleidoscope of events, fashion serves not just as a means of self-expression, but also as a vivid symbol of the festive mood, giving a sense of something special and unique. In this amazing symbiosis of beauty and celebration, fragrances play a key role. They not only complement the look, but also envelop the atmosphere with a refined trail, capable of transporting us into a world of memories and dreams.

Today’s fashion show by Avon turns into a journey through the world of fragrances, where each scent tells its own story, creating a bridge between external beauty and the inner world of feelings. In the spotlight are two special fragrances: the refined and exquisite Today and the illuminating Incandessence. These fragrances will not just complement the fashion looks; they will become their bright accent, highlighting the individuality and uniqueness of each wearer. Let’s dive together into this world of elegance and charm, where each fragrance tells its own unique story.

Description of the “Today” Fragrance by Avon.

Creation Story.

The “Today” fragrance from Avon is the culmination of the mastery and artistry of Olivier Cresp, a legendary perfumer with a global reputation. Known for his unique approach to fragrance creation, Olivier has infused “Today” with his profound knowledge and extensive experience. His work is always characterized by the ability to capture the essence of a moment and transform it into scent. In “Today”, he aimed to create a fragrance that embodies love and femininity, highlighting the individuality of its wearer. This fragrance has become a symbol of elegance and delicacy, reflecting the inner beauty and strength of a woman.

Fragrance Description.

The key component of the “Today” fragrance is neroli, an exquisite and refined ingredient that gives it a special warmth and freshness. Neroli is known for its complex and multifaceted notes, intertwining floral, citrus, and even slightly spicy accents. This note creates a sense of lightness and airiness, while being deeply saturated and vibrant. In “Today”, neroli serves as the main chord, surrounded by additional notes that enhance its natural beauty and add layers and depth to the fragrance.

Visual Impression.

The design of the “Today” packaging and bottle reflects the elegance and luxury of the fragrance. The bottle is made in soft, light tones, its shape resembling a sophisticated crystal or precious gem, making it not just a luxurious accessory but also a symbol of femininity and refinement. The fragrance packaging is also thoughtfully designed: it is adorned with delicate patterns and flowers, emphasizing the festive and ceremonial character of the fragrance. This packaging not only protects the bottle but also makes “Today” a beautiful gift, capable of conveying feelings of respect and admiration.


Thus, “Today” from Avon is not just a fragrance; it is a work of perfumery art, crafted to accentuate and amplify the beauty and individuality of every woman who chooses it.

Description of the “Incandessence” Fragrance by Avon.

Creation Story.

The “Incandessence” fragrance from Avon is the result of creative inspiration and the craftsmanship of the famous perfumer, Steve DeMercado. This fragrance was born from his desire to create something extraordinarily bright and dazzlingly beautiful, reflecting the essence of a woman’s soul and her inner light. DeMercado, known for his ability to blend traditional and modern elements in perfumery, aimed to create a scent that was both fresh and deep, light yet rich. His idea was to capture the moment when a woman feels her most radiant and confident.

Fragrance Description.

The key notes of “Incandessence” are lily of the valley and mimosa, whose combination creates a unique and memorable scent. Lily of the valley brings freshness and purity to the fragrance, its delicate floral notes symbolizing the onset of spring and renewal. These notes carry a sense of lightness and transparency, creating a feeling of refinement and elegance. Mimosa adds warmth and depth to the fragrance. Its sweet, slightly powdery notes give “Incandessence” a richer and more enveloping character. Together, they form a harmonious and multifaceted combination that feels both light and bright, like the first rays of the sun breaking through the morning mist.

Visual Impression.

The design of the “Incandessence” packaging perfectly matches its aromatic content. The bottle is designed in warm, light tones, symbolizing light and warmth. Its smooth, graceful lines emphasize femininity and elegance, while the transparent glass allows a glimpse of the glowing liquid inside, enhancing the overall impression of brightness and light. The packaging of the fragrance is also meticulously designed: it is adorned with golden and light shades, making it not only beautiful but also symbolically reflecting the essence of the fragrance – radiance and light. This design makes “Incandessence” not only a wonderful choice for personal use but also an ideal gift that can brighten up a day and lift the mood.

In ‘Incandessence’ from Avon, the concept that every woman possesses an inner light and strength is embodied, and this fragrance is created to highlight and amplify these qualities.

Comparison and Contrast of Fragrances.

“Today” and “Incandessence” from Avon, though differing in their aromatic profiles, each contribute uniquely to creating a festive mood. “Today” envelops with an aura of refinement and sophistication, thanks to its rich bouquet of neroli, creating an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. It’s perfect for moments when one wants to emphasize their elegance and femininity. On the other hand, “Incandessence” with its lively combination of lily of the valley and mimosa brings a sense of freshness and spring renewal. This fragrance seems to illuminate the space around, making it brighter and more festive.

The Perfect Gift.

Both these fragrances from Avon make wonderful gifts, considering their exclusive and ornate packaging, as well as their unique aromatic compositions. They not only offer joy and pleasure from the scent itself but also symbolize care and attention. Gifting “Today” emphasizes the recipient’s sophistication and refinement, whereas “Incandessence” symbolizes energy, freshness, and inspiration.

These two fragrances are not just perfumery compositions but works of art that can lend a special mood to every moment. For current pricing and purchasing options for “Today” and “Incandessence,” be sure to visit the Avon February 2/2024 catalog in Ukraine at this link